Sunday, March 31, 2019

Josey's Restaurant

Josey's Restaurant is located on Broadway Street NE in Salem, Oregon.

Since I always love a good breakfast, my friend and I decided to try this spot in North Salem, right at the corner of Broadway and Pine. Many locals go here, and the parking lot is probably full (or close to it) by 10:30.

Typical American breakfast and lunch menu here. Breakfast options include omelets, pancakes, and waffles. They also make their own corned beef hash and their own biscuits and gravy.

Bottomless coffee here. The server was on the ball, coming by every few minutes to make sure our mugs were topped off.

The Denver omelet ($11.80) is a three-egg omelet filled with the usual ham, peppers, onions, and cheese. with hash browns on the side. As part of the order, I also asked for one of their homemade biscuits instead of the usual toast.

A nice portion here, and a delicious omelet. Generous amounts of ham inside. Next time, I personally would ask for the hash browns cooked crispier on the outside. Not to be outdone, that biscuit was fluffy and light, not those crumbly, dense versions seen elsewhere. Panda approves.

Outstanding service, and you'll really get that local, down-to-earth vibe here.

With breakfast spots like Word of Mouth always having long wait times and The Kitchen on Court growing in popularity, Josey's is a great alternative if you like a good Salem diner away from the downtown area. 8.5/10

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