Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Mommy and Maddi's

Mommy and Maddi's is located on River Road N in Keizer, Oregon.

I had heard of this spot for a while, but just like most places featured on this blog, I took an eternity to get here. I got here around 8:30 for breakfast and there were a handful of patrons already enjoying their meal.

The breakfast menu here is your usual American breakfasts, from ham and eggs, to biscuits and gravy, to omelets. The portions are huge here; full-size omelets have six eggs, and the full-sized "Mommy's Awesome Omelet" ($21.95) has a bazillion ingredients added to a whopping eight eggs.

Knowing I faced a good hour-plus drive home, I stuck with the half-portion Denver omelet ($12.95): ham, cheddar, onions, and peppers in a three-egg omelet. Hash browns were requested extra crispy, and I got their homemade biscuit.

Excellent omelet. Thick ham chunks were the major selling point of this one; I'm so used to the small ham portions seen elsewhere. Ham had been previously cooked on the flattop, then added to the omelet. Melted cheese and properly cooked onions/peppers.

I loved the crispy exterior on the hash browns, although the interior remained a bit much on the soggy side. The biscuit is the way to go here. Fluffy and light, great with brand-name jelly that's already provided at the table.

While the coffee here is bottomless, it was too watery for me. Luckily, they had a few espresso drink options to make up for it. Their mocha ($4.95 for the small) had a lovely chocolate-to-coffee ratio. A wonderful choice there.

From what I hear, the Bloody Mary is also a great drink to get, if that's your thing.

Even as the place filled up considerably over the next two hours, the service remained top-notch.

Not sure why it took me so long to get to Mommy and Maddi's, but Keizer has a breakfast gem here. 8.75/10

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