Sunday, April 21, 2019

Never Coffee

Never Coffee is located on SE Belmont, between SE 42nd and 43rd Ave, in Portland, Oregon.

Unlike Hawaii, where coffee/espresso shops are less common, the Pacific NW has a bazillion such places. Needing a second wind after a day of fluffy eating and a short beer thirty session, Never Coffee was a convenient walking distance away from where I was at.

Never Coffee is a small spot; only so many patrons can probably be inside at any time. It's not necessarily a spot where you'll be seeing 20 people on their computers or reading anytime soon.

Not a big menu here. While the usual espresso items are present, there are special coffee options with names such as Holy Grail and Oregon. The latter beverage even uses Cascade hops (but no, it's not beer). I applaud those unique options. Science, after all.

I stuck with a small latte this time ($4). Wonderfully done, with simple latte art. A warm, soothing beverage with some coffee bitterness. I'd rather have my drinks on the non-sweet side if possible, and this was just right for me.

They roast their own coffee beans, but it does get pricey (at least if ordering from their website).

Head to Never Coffee for some unique coffee options! 7.5/10

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