Sunday, September 15, 2019

Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters

Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters is located on Grand Blvd (near Mill Plain) in Vancouver, Washington.

I stopped in on a Sunday around 10 AM for more coffee adventures. It appeared I arrived just as a line had formed. Only one barista behind the counter, and she was doing her best to multitask. A steady flow of people coming in and out.

Fairly basic interior with a small bar counter and maybe five tables inside. A couple more tables outside. The food is generally limited to baked goods.

As usual, I got an 8 oz latte ($3.25). You'll get some latte art here as well, with the basic flower look on top. More importantly, a good balanced drink, not too sweet. Despite the number of people before me, I still got my drink in under five minutes.

As for food, I ordered the flourless chocolate chip cookie ($2.50), which also may be a good option for the gluten-free patrons. The one I had was on the very chewy, dense side and chose to bend rather than come off in pieces. Not sure if warming the cookie up would have produced a different experience, but it was otherwise a good chocolate-filled treat.

There should be a good amount of parking in the adjacent lot.

A very good, laid-back coffee shop here, ideal to meet up with friends for some beverages. Be sure to check this place out! 7.75/10

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