Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aunty's Ramen

Aunty's Ramen is located on McCully Street in Honolulu, Hawaii.

My mom recommended this spot after having a positive experience with one of her friends earlier in 2016. Even coming here for lunch the day after Christmas, the place was very packed. The parking lot was filled and it appeared even a party was taking place.

After telling the server where you're sitting, you'll get a bowl and select your own ingredients that you want in your ramen. It ranges from homemade balls of protein (beef, chicken, shrimp, etc.) to various vegetables (such as bok choy and mushrooms). The price you pay will be by the pound.

Next, you'll get in line to hand the cashier your bowls. You'll pick the type of broth, type of noodles, and if you want any other orders of meat in your ramen. I opted for thin egg noodles and Aunty's Red Soup (a very popular choice).

The minimum ramen price possible is $8.50, but most patrons likely opt to add a bunch of ingredients to their ramen. Depending on the amount of meat and veggies you're putting in your bowl, I'd guess the average bowl of ramen ends up being about $10-$12.

After paying, there's a condiment bar with many homemade sauces and other toppings. I highly recommend the homemade sesame and spicy sauces.

The bowls of ramen (large bowls, too) were already waiting at our table. So it's probably no more than 2-3 minutes before the food gets to you.

Aunty's Red Soup broth is excellent and shouldn't be too spicy for most people. I tried a medley of chicken, pork, shrimp, and spinach balls which were a tad dense but still awesome. I probably had a good pound of protein in my bowl.

I also tried a passion fruit smoothie ($3.95) which packed tremendous passion fruit flavor. I found it a lovely complement to the ramen (and to the warm tropical weather).

If you're still hungry, you can also order a few side dishes or dessert. The dessert area is next to the sauces.

The service was great and the delicious food came quick. It's no surprise that Aunty's Ramen has gotten a lot of rave reviews.

I highly recommend Aunty's Ramen if you're in Honolulu! 9.25/10

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