Monday, May 27, 2013

Beth's Cafe (Part 2)

(Original Review -- November 2011)

About a month ago, I returned to Beth's Cafe with some YouTube friends to take on the (unofficial) 12-egg omelet challenge made famous by the TV series "Man v. Food."

Basically, my friends wanted to do a team challenge, while the crazier panda wanted to try it alone. Not sure why I do this.

Although Adam Richman got the Southwestern Exposure omelet (which has chili, cheese, and sour cream), there are three other options to choose from, or you can make your own omelet.

My friends stuck with the Southwestern Exposure omelet, and I got the Northwestern Exposure again (smoked salmon, cream cheese, and green onions).

A bed of hash browns, lightly browned on the exterior, is placed on a pizza pan. The 12-egg omelet then covers the hash browns like an edible blanket. Finally, two buttered pieces of toast (four half slices) are placed on top.

Video of my 12-egg omelet challenge with the guys from the YouTube channel "Cult Moo" can be seen below! Also check out the link to their footage of the challenge!

Yes, it was intentionally meant to be a collaboration, and due to the small area we had to work with, we couldn't get everyone in the same shot anyway.

Anyway, back to the omelet: I knew I had to storm out of the gates before the food wall hit, so I believe going with lighter items like cream cheese and smoked salmon helped. The omelet was delicious, packed with a healthy dose of salmon. There were sections of the omelet where I felt there may have been too much cream cheese added. The green onions retained their crunch and added a pleasing aromatic flare.

As stated above, the hash browns are lightly browned on top, so I didn't encounter any extra-crispy potatoes on this pizza pan. But frankly, for a challenge, I prefer a softer potato in order to get the food down faster.

The toast had a bit too much butter for me. I swear a good half-tablespoon was on each half-slice that I had. I ignored it as much as I could and tossed on some omelet and hash browns. Mini sandwiches FTW.

Hot sauce? You're damn right I used it. In fact, I brought my own ghost pepper sauce to the party (check the video to see that).

For those wondering (or who didn't see the video), I finished the omelet in under 11 minutes. My friends were also victorious on their team effort. Safe to say Beth's Cafe produced three fluffy pandas.

Frankly, it would have been a bit more unclear on whether I could finish the heavier Southwestern Exposure. Chili and cheddar cheese have a more brutal effect than smoked salmon and cream cheese.

I'm still not the biggest fan of all the drawings on the wall, but it admittedly gives Beth's Cafe a more unique identity. But all three of us agreed that the omelets were great. I figure someday, when I'm an old, graying panda, I might finally get to trying something else on the menu. And FYI, the entire menu is available 24 hours a day.

We arrived on a Sunday and probably had a 15-minute wait around lunchtime. Not too bad. Parking can be an issue; we just parked in the adjacent residential area.

If you love a big breakfast, head to Beth's and try their 12-egg omelet. Unfortunately, there's no prize for finishing, but at least you'll leave with a food coma. 6.75/10

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  1. Parking has always been bad around there, even back when I lived in Seattle :) Their prices have gone up a lot though, but so have restaurants in general.