Friday, May 17, 2013

Meeting Cult Moo

I've met a bunch of cool people in 2013, and Cinco de Mayo weekend was my chance to meet the guys from the YouTube channel Cult Moo. If you haven't seen their channel, check it out. Senor Guerro and Herr Pink have a lot of great shows that should keep you entertained for hours.

A short back story: that morning (Saturday, 5/4), I got up around 2:30 in the morning. It wasn't due to the impending excitement, but because I'm just programmed to wake up at stupid early hours. I left for Tacoma just before 6 a.m. and completed the Legendary Doughnuts' 1-pound glazed doughnut challenge.

Then it was time for a quick lunch at Paseo in Seattle.

Mmm...Caribbean Pork sandwich
Cult Moo and I met at Sushi Me, a conveyor-belt sushi spot in Bellevue, Washington, around 1 p.m. Needless to say, I wasn't the hungriest panda ever, but that didn't stop me from eating some more.

The sushi was decent for what it was. Nothing real spectacular, but nothing bad. For me, it was more just meeting up with other YouTubers and making new friends.

We then headed to "Cult Moo Headquarters," where all the filming takes place. We originally planned one or two tapings, but it became a good 5-6 videos. Be sure to check their channel over the next few weeks.

We all got invited to some amazing dim sum at Din Tai Fung. If you get to Bellevue, you'll have to check that place out. It's crazy busy at dinner time, especially on a Saturday night.

A supermarket (and booze) run later, it was then back to Cult Moo HQ for more filming. That included a random filming past 1 a.m. By the time all was said and done, I hit the sack around 3 in the morning -- which meant I had been up for over 24 hours.

The next day, I wanted breakfast and had an urge to do a challenge. So we took our cameras to Beth's Cafe and took on the 12-egg omelet challenge you might have seen on Man v. Food. There's no official challenge and no prize, but it makes for a nice video.

Cult Moo did a team challenge against the 12-egg omelet, while I went with the solo attempt and added some ghost pepper sauce. It's typical panda logic. We're not competitive eaters, just repetitive eaters!

In June, we have another meetup planned -- and with Wreckless Eating coming to town, I'm doubly excited for that get-together. Should be another epic event.

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  1. love CM, their "it came in a..." show... got us hooked VERY early... kinda hope to meet up with them someday, not a youtuber, just a fan, and, crazy fuck who...despite not drinking....has a higher tolerance then WE and most of CM...(it sucks...i dont drink, in part, because..its expensive as fuck when you gotta do a dixie cup of rum(as in red one) to the top line... down it in one... to get an actual buzz... that only lasts 2hrs out..sober as when i started the night... weeds more my thing... hehe... oh gods 'evil edibles' make some edibles with for example stupidly hot extract added... i mean as well as some of my "evil oil" as one family friend calls it...after ODing herself by eating a 4+ dose brownie in one day.... with a LOW tolerance... it was... amusing 6hrs in she was still complaining about the room spinning... and calling me a "f-ing asshole".. :)

    anyway, good videos... i hope the cm crew can get back togather sometime in the next year irl... people miss SG...and miss videos period since pink needed surgery..