Friday, May 24, 2013

YouTube: 1K subs; 12 Egg Omelets; Spicy Burritos

I've already addressed it on Facebook and Twitter, but earlier this month, I surpassed 1,000 YouTube subscribers. A final push from three larger channels got me past a mark I had set as a stretch goal to hit by the end of the year. I can't thank people enough for all their support.

Originally, I had a goal to hit 500 subscribers by the end of 2013. Once I started doing more collabs with other YouTubers that already had a solid fanbase, the subscriber count just kept going up. I ended up eclipsing 500 subscribers by mid-March, so my next logical "stretch" goal was 1,000. Only took an additional two months to hit that. Helps to have YouTube buddies -- and a slightly crazy mindset.

Currently, I don't have another stretch goal in mind. Just leaving it as "let's see how many subscribers and total video views I can get before 2013 ends."

One of my final videos that I filmed during my L.A. trip was the infamous Orochon Ramen Special #2 challenge, as seen on Man v. Food. Adam Richman was sweating pretty good on his attempt, but I found the spice to be rather pleasing. No problems finishing it, aside from the failed broth chug.

The panda had a huge sweet tooth for the next few videos. It started with a 2-pound ghost pepper oatmeal raisin cookie I filmed for my Spice Wars collab with Naader Reda. Probably shoulda had some type of liquid to help offset all that sugar. The spice wasn't a factor with all the sugar there.

Jaffa cakes are a popular UK product, and panda logic meant I should torture myself in some way while eating these. Enter wasabi and sriracha. So apparently, using over a tube of wasabi is not a good idea here.

Last month, Ted Barrus went to Allan's Mexican Restaurant to attempt the Diablo Burrito Challenge. Unfortunately, the temperature of the burrito did Ted in. I figured the spice wouldn't be much of a factor for a person with a higher spice tolerance than me. Ted gave me and my burrito video a mention. The result: I gained a bunch of new subscribers, and my burrito video view count probably doubled within the first 10 days after Ted put up his video. Ted, huge thanks for getting me more exposure in the YouTube world of chileheads.

Over Cinco de Mayo weekend, I filmed a few videos with Cult Moo, and those videos have been making their way on YouTube. Before the meetup, I participated in Legendary Doughnuts' 1-pound doughnut challenge. Trying to eat a massive doughnut in five minutes is not easy. Especially when said doughnut is larger than your skull.

Mother's Day is a wonderful holiday. Somehow, my mom has put up with me for nearly 30 years. So I ate a jar of habanero caramel to celebrate. Yay!

Frankly, the Beth's Cafe 12-egg omelet was not as gut-busting as I thought it would be. Perhaps my capacity has increased over the past year, but I'm still surprised Richman failed it. I can only assume he ate a bit before tackling the omelet. Also, check out Cult Moo's video of their 12-egg omelet challenge!

Kettle Brand Chips rolled out with two new flavors: Sweet & Salty and Maple Bacon. We should see them in stores this summer, but people who can't wait (like myself) can order them online. Did a review of them, much like my Lay's "Do Us a Flavor" video from a few months ago.

In case you missed it, the Lay's "Cheesy Garlic Bread" flavor was the winner. Awesome, because that was my preference all along. The winning flavor will be available through the rest of 2013. It's worth noting that the other flavors (Chicken & Waffles; Sriracha) will still make encore appearances this summer.

Finally, I end this blog post with some stupidity. After seeing Naader and the L.A. Beast do some crazy stunts, I felt like eating a ghost pepper burrito. Went to the nearest Chipotle for a burrito, then doused the insides with ghost pepper sauce and ghost pepper powder. No relief. Pain.

I am planning another meetup in the Seattle area in about two weeks. Should be an epic two days of filming then. In the meantime, I've got a couple of hot sauce reviews to upload and a few spicy stunts to perform. Again, I thank everyone for all their support, and I'll see you around online somewhere.

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