Sunday, May 26, 2013

Salvador Molly's (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011)

A long-overdue trip to Salvador Molly's was in order. Nothing to sear my taste buds today. Just a good ol' game of "let's dine in, look at the menu, and pick something that really sounds awesome."

I stopped by in late April for a quick bite. I arrived just before opening time (11:30 a.m.) and a few people were already waiting for a seat or a takeout order.

I didn't notice changes on the menu from my last visit, but a few sandwiches caught my eye. Each description made my mouth water. I also saw they had an "El Jefe" burrito, their version of a monster burrito. I haven't seen one in person, but I'd reckon it uses a 14" giant flour tortilla to encase the rice, beans, meat, cheese, etc.

I got a bowl of peanuts to start. Woohoo!

I opted for the Savannah Shrimp Sandwich ($9.50): shrimp, sweet peppers, and onions simmered in a house-made African peanut-ginger sauce. That's all placed inside an onion bun and topped with sweet-heat mango slaw. There are some sweet potato fries, chile-lime peanuts, and "chow chow" on the side.

Savannah Shrimp Sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries
(Salvador Molly's)

I'm still not sure what "chow chow" is, but it seems to be the side dish with diced zucchini or squash.

This sandwich was very good. The sweetness of the shrimp and the peppers came out when combined with that peanut-ginger sauce. Perhaps if the bun was toasted a bit more, I would think of picking the entire sandwich up without fear. Then again (and I have absolutely no idea why), but the dainty panda emerged and decided a fork was the way to go. Huh?

The sweet potato fries, while good, were flimsy and only the slightest bit crispy. It didn't appear the fryer had gotten up to the proper temperature yet.

For those wondering, I've already done the Great Balls of Fire challenge twice when I was only a mildly crazy panda. Since then, I've graduated to doing weird stunts that make me take a long look at my life.

Salvador Molly's is an OK spot. In the end, I probably would be going to places much closer to where I live. 6.5/10

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