Thursday, January 9, 2014

All Jarred Up

All Jarred Up is located near SW 2nd and Oak in downtown Portland, Oregon. This baked sweet treats cart had its grand opening in September 2013, but their business has been open since May 2010.

Ever think of preparing handmade treats in a jar? That basically became the focus for All Jarred Up. Still, there are enough non-jarred items on the menu that merit serious consideration.

On a chilly afternoon, the Truffled Hot Chocolate ($2) was a blessing to sip. Pandas like cold temperatures, but prefer to have all ten fingers working properly. The drink (which includes a dollop of whipped cream on top) does take 5-6 minutes to prep, but it's well worth it here. Rich and chocolaty, but not overly sweet.

One of the bestselling treats is the Chocolate Toffee Bar ($2). It starts with a shortbread crust, a creamy center, and topped with milk chocolate and toffee bits. Again, an awesome treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. It took a good amount of willpower (and not wanting my frigid fingers to fall off) to not eat the entire bar in one sitting.

The cart is open six days a week, closed on Sundays.

I will have to return and try the jarred desserts! 8.5/10

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