Monday, January 6, 2014


Thick is a Chicago deep dish pizza food cart located near SW 3rd and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon. Mike, a Chicago native, opened this food cart in late November 2013.

Originally, Mike had another vision for his food cart, but upon returning to Chicago for a short visit, he ended up eating a bunch of deep dish pizza -- and loved every moment of it. For Mike, you can't go wrong with Gino's East.

Slices here are $5. Mike had a sausage and ham pizza ready and I had to try it. Mike starts with his homemade dough, adds a layer of whole-milk mozzarella, layers on the sausage and ham, and tops this creation with crushed tomatoes.

Mike believes the dough is the key to this pie, and the crust delivers with a pleasing, slightly crispy texture. The layers of mozzarella and meat assured that the crust would not get soggy. Just a great slice of deep-dish pizza.

During the weekdays, there's more foot traffic and Mike may have a couple of pizza options.

Check out Thick in downtown Portland! 8.25/10

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