Monday, December 29, 2014


(Hope everyone has a great start to 2015!)

Scoozi's is located on Howe Street in downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This place has been open for over 25 years and is a deceivingly large establishment. Photos on the wall, full bar in the back of the house, lots of seating.

I basically came here after looking up breakfast spots online. Popular breakfast items here include their breakfast pizzas and cinnamon bun.

I started with a glass of hot apple cider. Very well made, almost therapeutic in comfort.

The Jumbo Cinnamon Bun ($5.50) includes fresh fruit on top and is drizzled with house-made organic honey. After seeing the steroid-sized cinnamon rolls from Stuffy's, I wouldn't call these buns "jumbo" in any stretch of the imagination. But damn, this bun was awesome.

Very gooey on the inside and a soft bun overall. It could be too sweet for some people, but not me. The fruit on top also added a colorful touch.

I finished off with the Traditional Eggs Benedict ($13.95) with croissants instead of English muffins. I enjoyed the light, flaky, and buttery croissant as a changeup to the English muffin. The eggs were excellent, extremely delicate. And you know I took the runny yolk money shot.

Amazing oven-roasted potatoes...I could probably eat a few pounds of that. More fruit on the side to round out the experience.

Eric (who also happened to be from Washington) was a very friendly server. Need more people like him to provide excellent customer service.

Perhaps next time, the breakfast pizza will be given a shot. I may have left quite fluffy, but I regret nothing. 8.75/10

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