Saturday, December 13, 2014

YouTube: 10K Subs; Spicy Vodka; Challenges

Wanted stupid panda stunts and challenges? Here you go.

About to enjoy a Ghost Pepper Fiesta from Mucho Burrito!
Reviewed a ton more chips lately. A few chips from other countries, but I also reviewed a ton of Takis.

People had been requesting that I review Takis, so here you go:

Also reviewed a few beers:

Jim Duffy at Refining Fire Chiles sent me a whopping 17 peppers to review. Here's the first six I did.

Jason "Chile Beast" Reilly nuked my mouth with a pepper that smelled like death.

So people had wondered if I had stopped doing challenges and other stupid panda stunts. Unfortunately for my insides, I have not stopped.

My friends came over and I let them try my 1-Year-Old Trinidad Scorpion Pepper vodka. They have not returned since. I wonder why....

Taco Bell rolled out a test Sriracha menu in Kansas City, but nowhere else. Naader and I tackled a makeshift challenge of our own.

My friends from Cult Moo issued an open invite to attempt the "Extreme Saltine Challenge", which allows the use of water. Check out the video to see how the panda fared.

And finally, I recently took a trip to Canada to visit Latechow and eat some good food. I found time to squeeze in a Mucho Burrito Ghost Pepper Fiesta Menu Challenge. It was harder than anticipated. How did the panda fare? Check it out!

Entering 2014, I had a goal to reach 10,000 subscribers on YouTube. Vidcon was undoubtedly the highlight of the year, but even with that and collabs, I wasn't sure if I would hit my goal. After getting a boost from my YouTube buddies, I managed to hit the goal just before Thanksgiving.

I thank each and every one of you -- whether you've watched my videos once and hated it, or if you've watched every single video from day one. I have a hectic real-life job, and YouTube is one of my happy places.

I have a few more pod reviews, Afterburn vids, challenges, and collabs coming up that will appear in 2015. Until next time, keep embracing that pain!

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