Monday, November 9, 2015

Clutch Sausagery

Clutch Sausagery has a food cart located on SW Washington, between SW 9th and 10th, in downtown Portland, Oregon. Their brick-and-mortar spot is still on NW Lost Springs Terrace in Portland.

I admit that I did not know this place existed until I read an Eater PDX article (in late October) that announced Clutch Sausagery's food cart expansion. This unique business makes all types of sausage one may have never heard of before. Can you picture a nachos sausage? Or perhaps a sausage with chicken, peppers, and rice noodles?

Notably, my friends' YouTube channel has a video series devoted to unique sausage making.

Clutch Sausagery's cart has four sausage options, probably due to limited space. Their brick-and-mortar spot has many more items.

I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger Dog ($7), a sausage with bacon, beef shoulder, french fries, and cheddar cheese inside the sausage. It's topped with lettuce, spicy ketchup, and mustard aioli.

The hot dog comes in a small orange flip box for added awesomeness.

A nice attempt on the sausage. I loved the snap from the natural casing, and the cheese exploded out with every bite. I thought the lettuce, ketchup, and mustard aioli provided excellent presentation. The bun had very appealing cross-grill marks on them.

Yet, I did not get as much bacon pork goodness as I would have liked. It would have benefited from more bacon in the sausage or perhaps bacon sprinkled on top. The french fries that presumably were packed into the sausage may have gotten lost in the fray.

Scanning the menu from their Lost Springs Terrace spot, I think the pizza dog (seasoned pork shoulder sausage with marinara, provolone, parmesan, chili flakes, and parsley) would be extremely popular downtown. The Duck sausage (five-spice seasoned duck sausage with plum sauce, crispy wontons, sweet chili aioli, and parsley) sounds exotic and delicious.

Clutch Sausagery really brings the out-of-the-box appeal I want more carts to possess. Yet, it sounds like I may have to venture to the brick-and-mortar spot instead. 7.75/10

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