Thursday, November 26, 2015


Kurata is a Japanese restaurant on 5th Street in Lake Owesgo, Oregon.

A cozy, welcoming interior here. Kurata is only open for dinner (closed on Mondays) and boasts a vast menu filled with appetizers, sushi, sashimi, noodle dishes, bentos, and sushi donburi options. There's a Sashimi Omakase ($25+) that defers the selection of items up to the chef, and will be an appetizer or entree according to the number of patrons.

On this day, the Chirashi Nami ($17) called my name. A traditional sashimi assortment (also including unagi) served over a bed of sushi rice, accompanied with pickled ginger and wasabi. It's a stunning presentation and a delicious array of fresh seafood. Perfect sushi rice.

All donburi bowls come with a side of miso soup, which I also heartily enjoyed.

Very good service. Not a lot of people here on a Saturday night, but it is tucked away on a side street, and Lake Oswego does have other eating options as you get more into downtown.

I've wanted to try Kurata ever since I first saw them when Kyra's Bake Shop was right next door (Kyra's has since moved to a bigger space). I'm glad that I finally got to go here. 8/10

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