Monday, November 16, 2015

Mac & Trees

Mac & Trees is located on SW Washington, between SW 9th and 10th, in downtown Portland, Oregon.

This spot opened around Summer 2015 and serves up 4-5 mac and cheese options. They have small ($8) and large ($11) options, with the price structure making you lean towards getting the large (if you want more bang for your buck).

I got the "Mac and Trees", their homemade mac and cheese paired with chicken, broccoli, parmesan cheese, and bread crumbs.

First off, the mac and cheese game was spot on. Pasta cooked perfectly, and very rich, creamy, hearty cheese all over the place. Everything in the dish was executed as intended, with chunks of chicken and pieces of broccoli strewn throughout. Nice parmesan and breadcrumbs on top for presentation.

I feel this dish would have benefited more with something tangy, perhaps a wing sauce. How about some Buffalo chicken in here instead of regular chicken?

After looking at the other menu options more closely, the Mac and Trees dish may have been the most "plain" of the four main mac options (excluding the $4 Kid's Mac). The other dishes seem to bring ingredients that have more pop or intense flavors, such as bacon, garlic, or blue cheese.

The small is a nice portion, but maybe seemed to fit more of a $6 or $7 price tag instead of the $8 advertised. Just from seeing both small and large containers, I'd recommend that people get the large and save the rest for later. Awesome mac and cheese like this one should hold up well for leftovers.

Head over to Mac & Trees for some tasty food! 7.75/10

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