Sunday, April 10, 2016

Anything's Pastable

Anything's Pastable is located at the Cartlandia food pod (SE 82nd and Harney) in Portland, Oregon.

Advertised as classic European pasta dishes with a Pacific Northwest twist, Anything's Pastable is way more than just a punny food cart name. This is a family business, two parents raising six kids, and making this food cart dream happen despite all of life's challenges.

It's a rather simple menu, with a handful of pasta dishes, ranging from a mushroom alfredo to a take on the comfort food, macaroni and cheese. Heck, there's even deep fried ravioli on this menu. The cart goes with just three different pastas for simplicity (and heck, let's face it, limited space within the food cart).

I got the Pomodoro ($9): Rotini pasta with sauteed onions, bell peppers, and a fire-roasted tomato sauce, garnished with a 4-cheese blend.

I really enjoyed this dish. Under the generous helping of grated cheese lay a nice foundation of rotini and the right amount of tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Yup, you'll actually have those fire-roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers all in there. That's natural flavor. The juices from those veggies are basically the only sauce you need. If I had to nitpick (and it's just my personal taste), I prefer my pasta more al dente than how it's served here.

There's even a Twisted Curry pasta dish ($10) that includes a creamy curry sauce. I contemplated getting that dish for quite a while before settling on a tried-and-true option -- for now.

They are open six days a week, usually closed on Mondays.

Anything is definitely pastable at this cart. Check it out at Cartlandia. 8/10