Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Boxer Ramen

Boxer Ramen has three locations in Portland as of this writing. This blog post covers their location on NE Alberta Street.

Ramen has really taken off as a popular food item in Portland, with several food carts and restaurants popping up in the last couple years alone. Boxer Ramen has enjoyed wonderful success so far, and now has three spaces to call its own.

Fairly simple menu. Four types of ramen and three sides.

I started with the Okonomiyaki Tots ($6). Take all the toppings of the Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki, and put it on tater tots. There's creamy spicy sauce (mild for me), tonkatsu sauce, bonito flakes (which shrivel up or "dance" due to the temperature), togarashi, and nori. Frankly, a delicious and genius idea. Crispy tots and spot-on for flavors.

Next up, the Spicy Red Miso Ramen ($12): Spicy pork broth, pork belly, soft poached egg, and scallions in a hearty peppery miso broth. The noodles were excellent and right around al dente. Easily the softest poached egg I've had at any ramen place so far. Scallions were still crunchy and awesome. Some of the best pork belly I've had in ramen. Warm and soothing broth - not really spicy, more peppery than anything else. If anything, I couldn't quite figure out why something blackish was tossed into the broth. It didn't taste off-putting to me, just odd when it came down to appearance.

The place seats probably 15-20 people. There is a bench just outside the restaurant where people can wait.

Boxer Ramen really nailed it on the food. Overall, great service and no real complaints. This place is a winner. 9/10

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