Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wiz Bang Bar

Wiz Bang Bar is Salt & Straw's newest soft-serve spot, located inside Pine Street Market (SW 2nd and Pine) in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Salt & Straw's crew has officially dove into the world of soft-serve. And in vintage S&S fashion, there will be unique soft-serve flavors on the menu. This being my first time to the new spot, I elected for something more traditional.

Wiz Bang Bar has an array of sundaes, dipped cones, concretes (yup, as in those thick shakes with sweets in them that you (might) be able to turn upside down), and other novelties.

I had an Oregon Black Raspberry shell hand-dipped waffle cone ($4.95) with their traditional Vanilla Custard soft-serve. The shell is made with natural berries, always a plus.

While everything was good, I wasn't necessarily blown away. The soft serve really was just that...very soft. Once you broke through the thin shell, there's virtually nothing left holding the soft serve's shape in place.

Perhaps it's just because I just am so used to enjoying their awesome ice cream (no matter the flavor). Or maybe it's just me simply getting something ordinary instead of going for the damn gusto. Whatever the case, it's just another soft-serve place here.

If I return, I may get a concrete or a sundae, both of which are noticeably more expensive, or even see if the Chocolate Tacolates (soft serve, taco-shaped waffle cone, chocolate) really is that glorious.

Wiz Bang Bar has its fans, but I'm among the people who love their ice cream way more. It's more a preference than anything else. 6.5/10

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