Monday, February 6, 2017

Trifecta Annex

Trifecta Annex is located at Pine Street Market (SW 2nd and Pine) in downtown Portland, Oregon.

If you've been to Ken's Artisan Pizza, you'll probably love Trifecta Tavern and Trifecta Annex. The same guy (Ken Forkish) founded all three places.

Their main spot, Trifecta Tavern, is near SE 6th and Morrison. The tavern is more your usual fancy dinner options and desserts, and houses their main bakery spot where all the baked goods at Annex come from.

Trifecta Annex's menu is filled with baked goods (croissants and buns), breads, and pizza. Normally, 18" pizzas are served and can be sold as whole pies or by the slice. If the pizza has been under the heat lamp for a time, they'll toss it back into the oven to warm up.

The oven temperatures get anywhere from 585 to 675 degrees (at least from what I saw).

Trifecta Annex's Breakfast Pizza ($12) is sold from 9-11 AM and during happy hour. It is a 10" pie with potato, pancetta, fontina, eggs, black, pepper, and sage. These are made to order, so you're guaranteed to get a fresh one, as opposed to getting a reheated slice of pizza that had previously been sitting under a heat lamp.

Wait time is probably around 8-10 minutes.

I loved the crust here. Blackened in spots, chewy, and with a slight crunch. Gooey melted fontina was money. The sage and crispy pancetta lifted everything to the next level. If anything, I'd want a side of hot sauce with this for more acidity and kick; crushed red flakes won't necessarily bring the same effect.

Yes, they even serve alcohol. A couple beers, wines, and tequilas are available.

Trifecta Annex is another solid pizza place in downtown Portland! 8.5/10

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