Sunday, August 25, 2019

The Cookie Dough Cafe

The Cookie Dough Cafe is located on NW 13th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

You may have seen The Cookie Dough Cafe featured on shows like Shark Tank. It has no eggs in it and is safe to consume unbaked. The product also is not meant for baking, so if you see this product in stores, eat it as is. My friend and I were walking through the Pearl District of Portland when we stumbled upon the scoop shop.

You can get one, two, or three scoops of cookie dough in a cup or cone. Add ice cream and/or dough bites. Or make it a "doughwich," putting ice cream between slabs of cookie dough. While there are everyday cookie dough flavors, there may be limited-time or seasonal specials.

Not surprisingly, chocolate chip cookie dough is the most popular, so I went with a scoop of that and some vanilla ice cream. Cookie dough with ice cream is termed "the best of both worlds" and was $6.50.

Very good cookie dough, sticky, dense, and totally reminded me of the doughy goodness that goes in the oven. I'm not sure how they made it without eggs and otherwise safe to eat without baking, but I guess that's a trade secret.

My friend enjoyed her scoop of confetti ice cream, which is the #2 most popular flavor.

Typical fast-casual spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. Check this spot out if you're in Portland's Pearl District! 8/10

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