Monday, April 6, 2020

Fort Street Cafe

Fort Street Cafe is on Fort Street Mall in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.

When you hear the boss likes this spot, you try it out for science. Fort Street Mall is basically an alleyway of mostly eateries; people can walk on the street. The cafe is one of those hole-in-the-wall spots there.

We got there before the mad lunch rush. Probably a good dozen people showed up a couple minutes after we placed our orders.

The menu is Southeast Asian, ranging from Thai dishes to Vietnamese, with some local twists. Garlic fried chicken and pho are very popular choices, but even the Thai crispy fried chicken caught my eye.

The Pad Thai here ($8.25) comes with choice of protein, and yes, I could add garlic fried chicken on top. Sign me up all day.

You already know I ordered this Thai spicy, but here, that basically meant a bit of chile flakes and powder in the center. Mild and not impressive.

The noodles were flavorful but much drier than other Pad Thais I've had. The garlic chicken was the saving grace, though, packing good garlicky notes and a lovely airy crunch.

Likely due to some call-in orders, we waited about 10 minutes for our food.

Reasonable prices, good portions, and friendly service. Fort Street Cafe is a popular spot with the downtown locals. While I might consider a different starchy item next time and ask for it even spicier, I'll take the garlic chicken all day long. 7.75/10

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