Thursday, April 16, 2020

Döner Shack

Döner Shack is located on S Pauahi Street, just off Fort Street Mall, in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii.

In what will seem like many food adventures into downtown, I stopped by with a coworker on a Thursday for lunch. I was told the space was maybe half its size when they first opened the restaurant, then the owners leased the adjacent space.

Getting there around 11:30, the lunch rush had just begun. More people filed in after we ordered. I heard lines would go out the door, and it nearly got to that point.

Just a handful of menu items, but that means the kitchen can focus on doing those properly. It's really a choice of a rice plate, wrap, or salad. Meats include the usual lamb/beef mix, chicken, or a combination of both.

Wraps come in two sizes, the smaller 10" variety or the regular 12". The Downtown Döner Wrap ($8.75 for 10") includes hummus and feta, which add creaminess and salty goodness to the experience. For max flavor, I got the combination of lamb/beef and chicken.

Fresh vegetables, including lettuce, cucumber, and tomato. Crispy parts on the juicy proteins for added flavor and texture.

My coworker enjoyed her rice plate with chicken, and added avocado on top of her salad for about $1.25 more.

I definitely recommend taking a container or two of their hot sauce, which also comes in a small container or large. I thought it tasted a bit like Tapatio, with a slight tang and mild heat (at least mild to me). Very tasty.

I can see why Döner Shack has been very popular. A great spot downtown, and even with a ton of other eateries in the area, seem to be thriving. I hope people give this place a shot. 9/10

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