Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Churros Locos

Churros Locos can usually be spotted at Portland Timbers and Thorns soccer games, as well as other events around Portland, Oregon. Daniel and Isabel started their business venture because they wanted to share their favorite childhood dessert with the Rose City.

Here, churros are $2. For fifty cents more, take a dipping sauce with you. Usually, there's chocolate, caramel, dulce de leche, and strawberry options.

Dipping sauces in the tiny containers
But hold the phone! A Churro Sundae? Now that's something I've never had before. Basically a scoop of ice cream to start. A churro is then cut into three pieces and placed on all sides. Some whipped cream, sprinkles, and choice of sauce later, it;s ready to go. I went with the strawberry topping.

Churro Sundae
(Churros Locos)
I loved this churro because it had that wonderful crunch and a bunch of cinnamon-sugar on the outside. The creamy vanilla ice cream pairs well with the cinnamon-laced churro. I'm quite surprised I hadn't thought of doing some type of churro sundae at my own place. Then again, I'd probably just have cinnamon and sugar all over the damn kitchen floor and I'd have to clean that all up.

I'd certainly want a bigger churro option if possible. Heck, I'd take a giant sundae as well.

It can be a great plan to have one or two amazing items on the menu. Churros Locos is a damn good place to stop if you want a great churro! 8.25/10

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