Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tacos Pa'Ella

Tacos Pa'Ella is a taco truck at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. Gabriel and Miguel help run this truck.

I'm always on a lookout for a place that serves healthy sized burritos. If tacos are more your thing, the people here make those corn tortillas from scratch.

Tacos are $1.25 and burritos are a wallet-pleasing $4.25. Seriously? Quesadillas and tortas are $4.99 each. Choices of meat include the asada, pastor, tripa, carnitas, pollo, lengua, chorizo, and cabeza.

Burritos include rice, beans, choice of meat, onions, and cilantro. I got a Lengua Burrito ($4.25) and got some hot sauce on the side.

After managing to play "hot potato" with the temperature-hot burrito for a little bit, I dug in. The lengua was cooked wonderfully. Juicy and seasoned well. Properly cooked rice. The hot sauce has a pleasing kick and the vinegary punch adds a bit of zest to the experience.

There's a Pa'Ella Burrito ($5.25) that has french fries, asada, guacamole, and cheese. Finally, there's a Combo menu if you also want to purchase a drink with your meal.

A pleasant first experience. A very good burrito that kept my wallet happy. 8/10

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