Monday, July 1, 2013

Herb's Hawaiian Shave Ice

(UPDATE 8/12/13: Herb is selling his shave ice cart)

Herb's Hawaiian Shave Ice is located at the Good Food Here pod in Portland, Oregon.

Both of Herb's carts (mac and cheese cart in the background!)
What people may not know is Herb Macken's mac-and-cheese cart originally started as a shave ice cart down in Florida. Trust me, I'm very happy he also started his much-acclaimed mac-and-cheese endeavor. But my island boy (or is it island panda?) mindset wanted to put Herb's shave ice to the test.

At the time of my visit, I saw shave ice ten flavors on the menu. For a food cart, that's probably a good selection. I'd get as many "core" or "traditional" flavors as possible, with a few unique flavors. Here, I liked that they went with Pina Colada, Passion Fruit, Lychee, POG, and Li Hing Mui. Those five options, in particular, instantly reminded me of Hawaii.

I got a regular shave ice with strawberry, passion fruit, and li hing mui syrup. Add ice cream for a buck, toss on some sweet cream for 50 cents. A cool $5.50 later, I came face-to-face with a generous helping of shave ice.

As usual, I prefer my shave ice to literally take on that shaved quality, melt-on-your-tongue style. Passed that test. Great job pouring an ideal amount of syrup. Good ice cream on the bottom and sweet cream on top.

I found it interesting that Herb's even has chocolate ice cream as an option for the shave ice. I can see why he has it; he also sells ice cream cones for $2.50. Just never came to mind to put chocolate ice cream under a bunch of shave ice.

Good vanilla ice cream used here
I'm curious on if there will be other shave ice flavors to try in the future. I inquired on whether I might see azuki beans here anytime soon, but chances may be slim for that.

With summer in full force, I can see this cart doing quite well. It's likely more a seasonal cart, but might as well take advantage of the warmer climate.

Give Herb's Hawaiian Shave Ice a try. This panda approves. 8.5/10

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