Monday, November 25, 2013

Pix Patisserie

Pix Patisserie is located on E Burnside in Portland, Oregon. This is a place known for their desserts, namely the macarons, a sweet French meringue-based confection.

Before meeting some friends for dinner on a Friday night, I decided to stop by because pandas logically eat dessert first.

The chilled display case holds a number of macarons in various colors. The guy working that night recommended the sea salt macaron. It was quite good, but perhaps a bit hard and chewy for me because it had just been in the refrigerated display case. Considering it's a meringue-based confection, I probably just expected the macaron to be much lighter and airier.

An array of eye-catching desserts were displayed above and below the macarons. One of my co-workers mentioned the Concord ($7.50), a chocolate-fest consisting of several chocolate meringue sticks, with more chocolate meringue, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. Oh, and a single red ribbon for presentation.

The "Amelie" ($7) was the winner of the Patis France Chocolate Competition. The description basically says "Orange-vanilla creme brulee sits atop a glazed chocolate mousse with caramelized hazelnuts, praline crisp, and Cointreau genoise." I probably understood about 1/5 of that, but it sounded tasty.

With time running short, I basically ended up eating the Amelie three hours later. Just an outstanding treat in presentation and flavor. Nothing too heavy or overpowering. Chocoholics are likely to become addicted to this one.

I saw a sign for "Macaronuts," which are deep-fried macarons. My simple mind cannot compute that. I wish I could have stuck around to try one.

The person helping me choose the desserts was very friendly.

You'll also enjoy this place if you love wine.

Probably the price becomes my one major deterrent. Paying $7 for a small treat fits the "rare splurge and I gotta really impress someone" category more than the regular, everyday stop. Pix is a great spot and still worth a try. 7/10

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