Thursday, May 1, 2014


Fujiya is a Japanese-Hawaiian dessert and snack shop located on Waiakamilo Road in Kalihi, Hawaii.

The company has been going strong since 1958 -- before Hawaii statehood.

There are a few shelves of Japanese snacks here, including tea cookies and taro sticks (basically Hawaii's version of potato sticks).

When going to the actual store, people have gotten the manju and mochi. All the ones I've had were great. The manju here has a browned, crusty touch on the outside.

For the mochi, the Tsumami mochi is green with a smooth white an (sweet bean paste) on the inside. The habutae mochi has the smooth red an inside.

I also got a chilled pineapple mochi with real pineapple chunks and white an inside. Unique and awesome.

My parents sent me a great care package, mostly Fujiya products. Not to mention they love my panda nickname and persona. If the mochi could safely ship here, I probably would tell my folks to get me more of that as well.

Fujiya is also a great place to go for the tourists who want to take snacks back home with them. 7.5/10

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