Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Mamaya is a Japanese bento lunch spot located in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center in Aiea, Hawaii.

Various types of bento lunches here. You can even make your own bento. Literally hundreds of combinations possible. Includes miso butterfish, saba, garlic chicken, mochiko chicken, and salmon.

If you want Donburi, they have the usual Oyako Donburi and Chicken Katsu Donburi, along with Mochiko Chicken Curry Donburi(?!) and Spicy Fried Chicken Donburi(?!).

I'm a sucker for poke bowls. The Mamaya Special Poke Bowl ($7.50) includes two types of poke (your choice), kimchi, and either white rice or multigrain rice. I got the spicy ahi poke and the shoyu ahi poke, and surprisingly, I preferred the shoyu one because it didn't feel as heavy of a portion. Maybe a spicy shoyu poke would have been the internet winning version.

Also gotta give a thumbs up to the somen salad.

Maybe some musubi is in my future. Choices include salmon, konbu, and spam. There's even a Spam Musubi Snack Pack if you also crave some mochiko chicken.

Sushi is also sold here. Cone sushi, California rolls, Spicy Ahi hand rolls, etc. Happy panda.

Reasonable prices and great food. This place is a winner in my book. 8.75/10

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