Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Rua is a Vietnamese and Southeast Asian food cart near SW 9th and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Jason Myers (the man who ran Sideshow Eatery) has embarked on a new endeavor. This cart has a couple of banh mi sandwiches, ranging from pork meatball to tofu.

On this visit, I opted for the pork meatball banh mi ($7). A delicious sandwich. Crunchy pickled veggies were a hit. The pork meatballs (I got four in mine) were juicy, flavorful, and almost fluffy from being gently rolled.

Awesome bread courtesy of Pearl Bakery. It's a Vietnamese-style baguette with a crunchy exterior and soft inside. Perfect bread for such a sandwich.

Several people have highly recommended the fried chicken here. You'll get the leg, thigh, and wing for $6. Sounds like a damn good deal to me. The sweet-spicy sauce really makes this one epic.

Yes, pandas love coffee. Vietnamese coffee is also served here. I love that you can get the coffee black, instead of getting the sweetened condensed milk automatically added.

You can get the coffee hot or iced, even better!

Check out their website!

Rua is a promising food cart that hopes to stand out from the other Vietnamese carts in Portland. Check this cart out and let Jason know I sent you! 8.5/10

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