Sunday, March 30, 2014

Babe's Boxed Lunches

Babe's Boxed Lunches is located at the Carts on Foster pod (SE 52nd and Foster) in Portland, Oregon.

Shawna started this food cart a couple weeks ago (March 18). With her family's support and a yearning to be her own boss, the food cart was up and running fairly quickly. In the latest installment of "useless information" (but it's always cool to know anyway), this cart was the previous home of Kula Kart.

The menu has a bunch of American favorites, including several fried foods.

I tried a sample of the "Sloppy Jane" first that came out on a slider bun. I'd easily order the regular-sized version. A wonderful sweetness to that meaty mixture. The best part is being able to add a fried egg to your Sloppy Jane for $1 more. I'd consider toasting the bun up just for a crunchy texture contrast.

The Crabby Muffin is a small appetizer that I had my eyes on from the moment I saw the menu. I really liked their creamy crab dip. Just your standard English muffin and shredded cheese otherwise. All I needed was a good beer with that -- and you can get one at the pod bar!

Their Kickin' Chicken can be chicken strips or legs (large drumsticks). Looked like a naked chicken wing or a very light flour coating of some type. Excellent job on the frying with that crispy skin. I didn't pick up any of the cajun/wing sauce-like experience that I would associate with this, so I'm now wondering if I just had the chicken there.

It should be interesting to see how this cart fares as the weeks and months go by, and more favorable weather approaches. 7.5/10

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