Friday, March 28, 2014

YouTube: Whole Key Limes; Crime & Punishment

A couple of videos I've recently released has seen me depart a bit from the spicy stupidity. Instead, I've shown a willingness to branch out to other extreme stunts, both of which nearly resulted in a vomit alert.

Oh, and it's official: A new alcoholic review video series has landed on my channel.

We might as well get the usual review stuff out of the way here first. I finally uploaded two potato chip reviews of products I bought when in Canada last fall. The PC Loads of Jalapeno Popper flavor (or is it flavour?) was very good. I hear their entire line is damn awesome, so I'll have to get more in the future!

Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips? Another decent item. If I can get my hands on the ghost pepper chips (not the botched batch that can be found at 99 cent stores), I'll review that, too.

When I saw a cinnamon roll-flavored protein bar at GNC, I couldn't pass it up. I liked it overall, but I'm not sure heating it up (as the instructions say) added to the experience.

Marcela Valladolid is a Food Network personality, but I haven't been able to watch her shows because, well, I don't have cable in my home. Apparently she rolled out two flavors of Flaquitos (Chile Lime and Fiery Habanero), which basically look like Takis.

A few weeks ago, I asked my YouTube fans to provide some suggestions for a new YouTube series devoted to alcoholic reviews (mainly beer). I've finally settled on a name and releasing the next episode. The Panda's BAR is open for business.

I've been working at a law office for over a year now. To celebrate the milestone, I bought Stone Brewing's "Crime" and "Punishment" beers, added some Ranch Dressing soda from Lester's Fixins, and a dab of wasabi paste. Instant torture. It nearly made me legit puke on camera due to the mass amount of liquid consumed.

I finally spotted a bag of key limes in Safeway and was hellbent on doing a challenge with them. Figured it would be a good idea to eat the key limes whole -- rind and all. Quick YouTube research didn't pull up any comparable stunts, so I had to try it for science.

Yeah, I got a ton of haters saying I copied L.A. Beast. Of course, I have huge respect for L.A. Beast, but even he will say that he doesn't own the music. I gave proper credit as always to the dude creating the tunes.

Considering Digg picked up the key lime video, I'd say it was a big success.

More stupidity and more reviews are on the way, as always!

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