Thursday, March 6, 2014

Uncle Tsang's Kitchen

Uncle Tsang's Kitchen is located at the corner of NE Alberta and 23rd Ave in Portland, Oregon.

This cart has taken the spot of Fiji Indian Curry. Uncle Tsang's is a family food cart business, with your typical Chinese and Chinese-American style dishes. Considering that there's not many Chinese food places in this particular area, this food cart may have found an awesome spot to set up shop.

I got the Sweet and Sour Chicken ($7), a respectable helping of breaded stir-fried chicken and diced veggies in a syrupy sweet-sour sauce. It may have been a soft breading, no real crunch to speak of. Everything tasted very good and was cooked to order.

The rice was cooked well and the panda got his familiar fortune cookie. Can't read Chinese, but it probably said to watch out for really nuclear spicy food in the future.

I'd probably chalk it up as an OK first experience. The cart just opened recently, and with huge night events like Last Thursday restarting in the spring, I can see this place getting more business. 6.5/10

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