Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Delicios, near SW 10th and Alder in downtown Portland, Oregon, serves up food from Transylvania.

After reading several rave reviews about this place, the panda hopped on board and decided to try it out. Love that the Romanian flag flies proudly next to the American flag. Gives the cart that little extra something on presentation.

Marinela, the owner, said the schnitzel sandwich ($7) is the #1 seller. When she said the portion was huge, I had to see for myself. And holy cow, she wasn't lying. Huge pretzel bun, lettuce, a lot of schnitzel, slaw, 1000 Island, cheese, and panda happiness.

The height of the sandwich makes it all but impossible to get your mouth around it unless you can unhinge your jaw. The panda resorted to the ol' divide-and-conquer deconstruction method. Yup, there's two pieces of schnitzel inside, not just one. True to what's stated on the menu board, the schnitzel was not greasy. The meat: very juicy and delicious.

Everything just worked on this sandwich. While the bun might be a bit much for people who don't care for a carb coma, it's probably needed to handle everything packed in between. It's well worth the price at $7.

The chimney cake ($5) is a popular sweet treat that Marinela makes in the cart every day. I've seen it before at fairs covered in cinnamon and sugar. Frankly, I prefer the original, plain one here. Basically a glazed doughnut in hollow cylinder form. The taste reminded me a bit of the Hawaiian sweet bread I would eat back home.

I enjoyed my experience here. Another great food cart in downtown Portland! 8.75/10

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