Saturday, March 8, 2014

YouTube: 50 McNuggets; Spicy Assassin Burger

McDonald's McNuggets are evil. A large number of them turn me into a grumpy panda.

However, spicy burgers from a food cart are awesome. Panda logic?

Not fun
Early 2014 brings a new video series to my channel: beverage reviews!

I've been inspired by Cult Moo, Wreckless Eating, Chuck from the Bronx, and other great friends to start doing beer reviews. Considering that the Pacific NW has its fair share of great breweries and contains a mass selection of great alcoholic beverages in general, it seems like a great idea.

I admit to being the dude who was content with a Coors Light, Bud Light, etc. Thankfully, my friends have pretty much slapped me upside the head and kindly requested I try some other stuff.

The first beer review seemed rather appropriate: a chile beer from Calapooia Brewing Company.

NOTE: I am still working on a name as of this blog post. New reviews are on the horizon!

Rockin Robyn's Sassy Burger is an awesome food cart in Portland. Last month's special was the "Sassy Assassin" burger with habanero pico de gallo, wasabi avocado, and spicy mayo. If you also wanted fries, you got some laced with ghost pepper sea salt. The panda had to scarf one down for fun.

More reviews! Miss Vickie's makes some great jalapeno chips. The version from Canada has a great garlic powder flavor, too.

A lot of people know Robert Irvine as the celebrity chef from shows like "Dinner: Impossible" and "Restaurant: Impossible." He also created some delicious protein bars. Check these two reviews out!

Cookies & Cream Fit Crunch Bar:

Peanut Butter Fit Crunch Bar:

Not to be outdone, Quest Nutrition rolled out their version of Cookies & Cream. Another winning protein bar, in my opinion. It's crazy how delicious some of these bars really have gotten. It's come a long way from the chalky, disgusting crap I remember growing up.

After several months of reviews, I've finally gotten to the last Sweet Sunshine sauce: Atomic!

Our departed chilehead, ReggaeFrank09, had a dream to make a hot sauce. Thanks to his family and the Arizona Spice Company, that dream came true. I just had to buy a bottle of "Blissful Burn Hot Sauce" and review it.

Canada has several awesome potato chip and tortilla chip options. To my knowledge, Jalapeno & Cheddar Doritos don't exist in the United States. Here's my review of those chips:

Damon Wells is a damn good competitive eater, and when he brought up the idea of a collab a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity. We eventually decided to eat 50 McDonald's McNuggets. I enjoyed my random "death sauce" (just pulling random hot sauces out of the fridge), but the McNuggets left me a grumpy and lethargic panda.

I see more collabs, more pain, and more stupidity on the horizon for my channel. Anyone care to take bets on when my stomach finally abandons me?

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