Monday, March 24, 2014

Jazzy John's BBQ

Jazzy John's BBQ is located on NE 81st Street in Vancouver, Washington. It's found in a tiny strip mall between Safeway and Ross.

A couple weekends ago, the panda was in a carnivorous mood and hadn't had BBQ in a while. Jazzy John's all but came to the rescue. Immediately upon entering, you're hit with the BBQ experience.

There are a few signature sandwiches on the menu, along with multiple dinner options (1 meat or 2 meats). As far as the sandwiches go, the Okie Reuben (sliced brisket, cheese, cole slaw, and 1000 Island on Texas Toast) is the most popular. Other choices like the Firebird and the Chicken Bacon Ranch also sound amazing. Each sandwich comes with one side.

I simply couldn't pass up a special on Burnt Ends. With KC sauce, no less. And yup, there was a spicy KC-style sauce as well. Did I mention it came with two sides? Sold.

For under $11, I got a decent amount of food that could satisfy one real hungry person, and probably could feed a couple of people that just want to get the BBQ experience. For my sides, I got cole slaw and BBQ baked beans. Texas Toast comes with it.

Delicious burnt ends here, some pieces more tender than others. The spicy KC sauce had noticeable chile pepper heat in it, but not too overpowering. Sweet and smoky baked beans were a huge hit. The slaw had a dash of pepper on top that pleased this panda.

Good service here and a solid spot for BBQ. Check out Jazzy John's if you're in the area. 8.5/10

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