Monday, March 17, 2014

Namaste Indian Cuisine

Namaste Indian Cuisine is located at the corner of NE 117th St. and Fourth Plain in Vancouver, Washington.

I wanted to meet up with a friend for dinner and suggested this place to try. Considering my brain is practically fried from work all day, it's quite nice to walk in, order the $12.95 dinner buffet, and start gorging on all the food in sight.

I'm a forgetful panda and couldn't remember the names of everything I had -- even a couple hours after heading there. I do know the chicken vindaloo was pretty good, albeit not too spicy. I enjoyed the naan, chicken tikka masala, and vegetables.

Tandoori chicken was by far my #1 favorite. If I ever need a huge shot of protein, I could probably head back here and ask for a tray of it.

The lunch buffet is probably about $9 or $10, naturally a bit cheaper and a better deal. Still, if you're one of those individuals blessed (or cursed?) with a huge appetite, this may be a great spot to try. 7/10

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