Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sushi Chiyo

Sushi Chiyo is located near NE 134th St. in Vancouver, Washington.

This is a typical conveyor-belt sushi spot. Prices are determined by the color plate. Eat however much you want, but be prepared to pay the bill later.

In order to prevent fluffy panda syndrome -- and mega food coma upon returning to the office -- I stuck with a few favorites, such as the spicy tuna roll and the deep-fried Vegas Roll. The baked mussels were also a hit.

Spicy Tuna Roll and Vegas Roll

Prices generally range from $1.35 to about $3.25. There is a happy hour from about 2-4 pm, where all sushi plates are $1.75 (save for the green plates at $1.35). Note to self: eat a later lunch if possible.

Nothing fancy here, just a good spot to get your sushi fix if need be. I still say Mio Sushi is a better option if you want a bento box or a wider selection of sushi options. 7/10

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