Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Garden Monsters (Part 2)

(Original Review -- April 2013)

Kyle of Garden Monsters is now at the 23rd and Alberta pod. I stopped by a couple weeks back to see how he was doing.

Kyle couldn't be happier with the move to 23rd and Alberta. Probably thanks to a rapid increase in positive word of mouth, he has been enjoying some amazing weekend sales.

In the winter, Kyle added Macho Taco Soup to the menu, plus a few additional options for salads/wraps. The menu also includes new breakfast monsters (salads or wraps with eggs), smaller portions for people that may have a more normal appetite. Depending on the day you visit, there may be a special running.

The "King of Clubs" salad ($6) sounded too good to pass up. A mix of Romaine and iceberg lettuce, diced Roma tomatoes, black olives, Tillamook cheddar, garlic croutons, and house-made honey mustard dressing. Meat eaters can add bacon and choice of turkey or chicken for $3 more.

"King of Clubs" with Chicken and Bacon
As always, an awesome salad. Adding chicken and bacon just ups the heartiness. Panda satisfied.

Kyle mentioned that he'd love to transition to a brick-and-mortar place one day. At the rate he's going, it's only a matter of time.

Being one of Kyle's first customers (when he was near NE 13th and Alberta), it's been awesome to watch the growth of this food cart over the past year! 9.25/10

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