Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deutschland Curry

Deutschland Curry is located near SW 5th and Stark (next to Tabor) in downtown Portland, Oregon.

It's a fairly simple menu here. Cascade Bratwurst is the sausage of choice here.

The Currywurst features a homemade curry sauce, while the Fonduewurst includes a homemade white cheddar fondue. You can also build your own plate.

Lecso is a Hungarian Pepper Stew with red peppers and red jalapenos. No real heat to speak of here, but all the great flavors are there.

I was told there is an "Around the World" option for $7.50, basically a sampler of all the main items. A nice portion of fries, some topped with fondue and some with the curry sauce. Some lecso in the middle. This option has a good balance of sausage, peppers, fries, and condiments.

L to R: fondue; lecso; curry sauce
And lots of fries!
Excellent fondue. Thick, cheesy, and creamy. The fries are perfectly done, beautiful golden brown. Personally, I'd get this "Around the World" option just to combine the curry sauce and the fondue.

Mt. Angel sodas are served here. I'm not a soda person, but I hear these are excellent.

Check out Deutschland Curry in downtown Portland! 8/10

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