Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cookie Corner (Hawaii)

There are several Cookie Corners in Hawaii. This blog post covers the one at Pearlridge Shopping Center in Aiea, Hawaii.

I've been going to Cookie Corner for years and finally decided to write a short blog post on it. All the cookies and other baked goods (rice krispies treats, brownies, etc.) are made fresh. I probably had great timing, as my cookies were still warm when I got mine.

I usually get the Chocolate Chip with Walnuts. My mom has long admitted her chocoholic ways and gets a Double Chocolate Chip with Walnuts. Both were soft and broke off without much effort. I love an airy, light cookie. Exactly what I got here. Just the right amount of walnuts for my liking.

You can get gift boxes of cookies here, and they also started selling Ready to Bake Cookie Dough.If only I knew that when I was in Hawaii....

If you're on Oahu, check them out. Been going strong since 1981. 8.5/10

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