Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chili Love

(NOTE: Stacy's cart is now at the Tidbit food pod under a new name and menu. "Stacy's 65" serves breakfast!)

Chili Love is located at the Carts on Foster pod in Portland, Oregon.

NOTE: This is the same cart Plane Pastries once operated out of.

Owner Stacy opened the cart last week. Generally, she focuses on turkey chili (with beans), but she also did a vegetarian chili in the past.

You can get Pop Shoppe sodas here with your chili, or head to the pod bar for a beer. It's an awesome spot to get your chili fix.

This is a place to customize your chili bowl.There are three sizes: 12 oz ($4.50); 16 oz ($6.50); and 24 oz ($8.50). All prices are base prices that come with three free toppings. Avocado is 75 cents extra.

It looks like Frito Pie can be a regular thing here; Fritos are also on the list for toppings.

Stacy mentioned chili dogs in the future. Yes please.

The chili is fresh and never reheated. I've always thought of chili being better for the next couple days after making it, but the chili here was real good. Toppings I put on mine included avocado, cilantro, sour cream, jalapenos, and blue corn chips. So yes, there's the "chili love."

Moist cornbread is also served here. I tried dipping it in some honey, but the honey won the tug of war battle. Sad panda.

Stacy showed me that she had dried superhot peppers in the cart. Checkmark for "chile love."

When I spoke with Stacy this past Saturday, she mentioned future plans for milkshakes. Checkmark for "chilly love."

Give this food cart some love! The panda is full of horrible puns today and will now banish himself back to his room. 8.5/10

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