Tuesday, April 22, 2014

North Shore Shave Ice

North Shore Shave Ice has been spotted in Haleiwa, Hawaii, not far from Matsumoto Shave Ice.

When a huge crowd formed at Matsumoto's about a block away, my cousins and I opted for the tiny shave ice food truck with almost no line. You can also get acai bowls at this food truck.

Looks like just one shave ice size here for $4. Get up to three flavors. Adding ice cream is $1 more. I got pineapple, passion fruit, and li hing mui. The ice cream used is a local brand found in Hawaii supermarkets.

Good shave ice here. The texture is a bit on the granular iced side; there are places that will shave the ice even finer. This is still a nice option if you're out on this side of the island. And yay for sturdy plastic shave ice cups!

Admittedly, the size here is a snack for me. There are other places to hit up if you desire portions as large as your head.

Gotta love cool treats in a tropical climate. Head out west and get some! 7.5/10

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