Monday, October 5, 2015

Anthony's Fish Bar

Anthony's Fish Bar has numerous locations in the Pacific NW, including Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This blog post highlights the spot at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

As I embarked on a trip to the Midwest, I figured I'd get one last seafood helping before spending the rest of the time wolfing down a lot of smoked meat.

Anthony's has a breakfast menu as well, but I eyed the Alaskan Rockfish Taco ($5.49), turning it into a combo meal for $3.99 more so that I could get some clam chowder.

Juicy, flavorful rockfish paired nicely with the slaw. I personally would have liked a bit more fish, and would have paid a buck or so more for that. Interesting that the "meal" contained just one taco, though. I assume inflated airport prices did not help any.

Two thumbs up for the clam chowder. Still temperature-hot and lots of flavor. I would eat a big bowl of that and not regret it.

For me, it's a decent spot for food. Aside from what are probably inflated airport prices, I can get behind this place. 7/10

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