Thursday, March 2, 2017

Red Onion Thai Cuisine

Red Onion is located at the corner of NW 23rd and Northrup in Portland, Oregon.

My adventures in the Pearl District continue. In the past, I've generally stayed away from the area due to the NW 23rd traffic and the lack of parking spaces when I do end up going. Still, the area has a lot of great food spots.

Red Onion has an array of awesome Thai dishes, from the usual Pad Thai and curries, to fried rice and chicken satay.

You can ask for their tray of hot sauces and dry powders. If that's not enough, ask for some actual chopped Thai chiles.

I got an IPA off their menu, although it did not specify the name of the brewery or the name of the beer (if any). It was a more balanced IPA, leaning toward hoppy floral flavors.

I started with the Chicken Satay ($8), five large pieces of grilled chicken on skewers, served with cucumber sauce and peanut sauce. The cucumber sauce is more pickled cucumbers and other veggies, but it's refreshing and fantastic. The peanut sauce here is also delicious.

Their rice is awesome. Get the one that's more purple or maroon in color (at least to my untrained eye). It's a bit nuttier and likely healthier than your typical white rice.

The Salmon in Special Panang Curry ($16) is a must-get. Perfectly cooked salmon (a good portion size at that), with asaparagus and bell peppers in a delicious curry sauce. You can choose your heat level. Even the medium spice satisfied me, but of course I could have chosen to go spicier.

A future visit will be saved for the Crab Fried Rice ($16): stir-fried jasmine rice with eggs, diced mixed veggies, and Dungeness crab meat. The table next to me ordered it, and the panda wanted the fried rice so badly. Damn panda problems are real.

All dishes (from the appetizers to the entrees) have excellent portion sizes. You'll definitely be getting your money's worth here.

I got outstanding service. Red Onion is an amazing place for Thai food in Portland! 9/10

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