Thursday, November 30, 2017

Flor de Guelaguetza

Flor de Guelaguetza is located at Level Beer's parking lot, on NE 148th Avenue in Portland, Oregon.

While visiting Level Beer for my usual beer thirty enjoyment, I saw they had two food carts in their parking lot. You can take your beer over to order food, just don't venture too far into the parking lot.

Flor de Guelaguetza has a nice menu, with tacos, burritos, tlayudas, enchiladas, and more. All their tortillas are handmade.

I went with the pork burrito ($7), a hefty one loaded with beans, rice, cheese, cilantro, onion, and choice of meat (pork, beef, or chicken). Very flavorful pork, with a generous amount of cheese. The cilantro added a wonderful dimension here. Pairs so lovely with a Level's Hazing is Socially Unacceptable, a New England-style hazy IPA.

I also got two types of hot sauces. The green one is probably a tomatillo sauce (or similar) with mild heat. The red sauce is spicier and smoky.

It took maybe five minutes to get my burrito, pretty quick there.

I definitely recommend any burritos, and they even have breakfast burritos if that's your jam.

Head to Flor de Guelaguetza for some great eats! 8.25/10

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