Thursday, November 16, 2017

Windsor Station

Windsor Station Restaurant and Barroom is located on Depot Avenue in Windsor, Vermont.

With my day-long trip in Vermont winding down, we headed back south on I-91 and found this restaurant which had good online reviews.

Windsor is the "birthplace of Vermont." Lots of history again in this small town.

It's a nice sit-down restaurant, something I simply don't do enough of.

The menu includes salads, pastas, burgers, and various appetizers.

My mom and I split an awesome Caesar salad. We also got some free bread. I knew not to fill up too much on the bread, though. Panda willpower.

Half of a portion of Caesar salad

My mom got the Locomotive Lasagna, which came in one size ($15.95). My mom took one glance at it and immediately knew she wasn't finishing it. The pictures may make it look small, but the plate was very large and a bit deep. Plus, there was more bread to polish off. Multiple layers of local beef, parmesan, ricotta, mozzarella, and handmade pasta. We both enjoyed this. I hadn't had lasagna in a long time; this was great stuff. It is a bit on the heavy side, so you'll probably be feeling a little fluffy after this one.

Even in Vermont, I went for more seafood. Linguine and Clams for me. Lemon, artichokes, white wine, butter, garlic, and fresh clams on the bed of pasta. The linguine was cooked a bit beyond al dente, but still to my satisfaction. I just got the half portion ($12.95), since my mom planned to give me some of her meal. While good, the lasagna reigned supreme tonight.

The other reason for coming here? They had Hill Farmstead beer. HF is another big-time, quality brewery here, but I had never had one of their beers before. That all changed; there were TWO HF beers on their taplist. After some quick research, I got the Society and Solitude 6, a juicy New England-style Double IPA. Simply an incredible beer. I'll have more info on my beer blog at a later time, so stay tuned for that. $7 well spent.

The other HF option was Susan, a single IPA that had very similar (world-class) ratings. Basically, I couldn't go wrong with either one.

Again, great service. I loved my time in Vermont; very peaceful drive, and in the fall, you'll just have a picturesque view of fall colors for miles and miles (much like the other New England states).

Head to Windsor Station if you're in the area! 9/10

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