Monday, January 15, 2018

Fried Ice and Bubble Tea

Fried Ice and Bubble Tea is located on E Camelback Road in Phoenix, Arizona.

Contrary to its name, this is a place known for rolled ice cream, a dessert which originated in Thailand. After coming back from my trip, I learned that there was another rolled ice cream spot in Salem, Oregon - much closer to me. I will surely take a trip there in the future.

I found this place by going a Yelp search and looking up unique sweet treats in the area.

The menu has about 10-12 combo options already chosen for you, but I'm sure you can create your own. There are 12 toppings and four sauces. Two toppings are included in the price, then it's 50 cents for each additional topping.

Needless to say, I was getting the Panda Bear. It starts with rolled cookies 'n cream ice cream, and they make that in front of you with an "anti-griddle."

Their anti-griddle temperature gets to around -22 F, but others can get even lower. The appliance flash freezes foods, so the liquid ice cream base hardened in seconds. They have to keep moving it around, otherwise it can stick to the anti-griddle.

After flattening the ice cream out, they make about 6-7 rolls which go into the cup. The Panda Bear then gets whipped cream, blueberries, and choice of nutella sauce or condensed milk (I got nutella). At $6.50, it's a decent price.

Keep in mind, it is freshly made ice cream, and due to the anti-griddle, it was a tad on the harder side. Still, there was some creaminess and it was awesome to watch. The main selling points here are the unique ice cream appearance and the creation of the rolled ice cream.

The guy behind the counter encouraged picture taking and videotaping, which was nice. He probably saw that I was taking pics of the menu.

It's not every day that I see or get rolled ice cream. If you have one in your area, let me know.

In the meantime, head to Fried Ice and Bubble Tea if you're in Phoenix! 7.25/10

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