Thursday, January 25, 2018

Lindy's on 4th

Lindy's on 4th is located on N 4th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona. This place was featured on the Tucson episode of Man v. Food.

Fitting in a boatload of food places in three days is not easy. Trying to fit a few in on a half-day trip to Tucson...I wish I could have rented a second stomach.

Lindy's is probably best known (to me) for being featured on the Tucson episode of Man v. Food. The OMFG burger (shortened to OMG for the PG Travel Channel crowd) had been changed since the episode several years ago. Instead of a tower of small patties, it now has six 1/2 lb patties, with another pound of cheese. The challenge weight still remains over 4 pounds. The rules remain the same: if you finish in under 30 minutes, you're on the Wall of Fame, but still pay for the $34.99 burger. If you finish in under 20 minutes, you're on the Wall with a free meal.

Seeking spicy instead, I got the Dirty Sanchez burger ($10.50): green chiles, jalapenos, pepperjack, and guacamole with a premium beef patty, between a soft bun. I wanted ass-kicking donkey punch heat, so I got some creamy ghost pepper sauce on the side.

I see why Lindy's has won so many awards. Outstanding burger here, very juicy patty, cooked to my liking (medium). Lovely flavor and mild heat from the jalapenos and green chiles. Melted pepperjack. Delightful guacamole was an added bonus. I would have enjoyed at least 2-3 of those burgers with no regrets.

Of course, I wanted to film a video, again in the scorching 90-degree Arizona heat. And I chose to film in the car, a.k.a. a sauna. I'm glad I kept the video reasonably short.

Midday on a Monday, Lindy's was mostly empty. It's within reasonable driving distance to the University of Arizona, so it probably fills up later in the day for dinner or on weekends.

There are various toppings and upgrades you can make to your burger, for added charges. There are even options to upgrade your bun to a grilled cheese bun. Damn.

For a killer burger in Tucson, check out Lindy's on 4th! 9.25/10

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