Monday, January 8, 2018

Snoh Ice Shavery

Snoh Ice Shavery has two locations in Phoenix, Arizona. This blog post covers the spot on E Camelback Road. The other location is on N 2nd Street in downtown Phoenix.

Another place with snow cream, a hybrid of ice cream and shave ice. The only other place I've been to with this to date was Blockheads Shavery in Southern California. At Snoh, each ice block is flash frozen.

You can make your own Snoh creation in three steps: (1) pick a size and flavor of Snoh; (2) pick toppings; and (3) add optional glaze. There are also 12 Snoh combo cups, if you see something that you already like.

One of the more popular snoh combos was the #7 Breakfast Bowl: milk cream snoh, fruity pebbles cereal, strawberries, and condensed milk glaze on top. The shaved milk cream melts on the tongue, so it's softer than ice cream. It pretty much is a more frozen version of cereal and milk. Great texture contrasts with the crispy cereal, velvety condensed milk, and syrupy strawberries.

They are otherwise known for slushies and bubble teas. With it being hot virtually all the time in Arizona, a place like this is a welcome sight.

Good service here; the guy at the counter walked me through ordering and suggested the Breakfast Bowl option as a good introduction.

As noted above, the other Snoh location is in downtown Phoenix. Check either of their locations out! 8/10

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